Beluga whale or white whale is one of the White Sea animals, a sea mammal that is considered an indicator of the state of the arctic ecosystem. The population of belugas of the White Sea is the last in Europe and its number, as estimated by the scientists, amounts to 1000-1200 animals. Cape Beluzhiy on the Solovetskiy Island is a unique place to watch whales. Belugas come to the cape as close as 10 meters during the low tide. One of the hypotheses states that belugas have their own language. They produce sounds of wide frequency range and a human can only hear a small portion of it. This place is also a water area where the whales come to reproduce. The whales come here at a certain time to mate, calve and bring up their young ones. They come to the cape in early June and leave for the expanses of the Arctic in the late fall. A diving couple - a calf’s black body along the massive white of his mother - is a typical scene at Beluzhiy Mys. They are very close. You can hear their snorting and singing. It is small wonder that they are called canaries of the sea.