Petrozavodsk – Kizhi – Petrozavodsk

Duration 2 days / 1 night
price from 360 eur per person
Guests get to know some masterpieces of wooden architecture including the churches belonging to the Kizhi architectural ensemble, visit the Church of Intercession of the Holy Virgin, which iconostasis has authentic icons dated by the 16th-19th century, the house that used to belong to a Zaonezhsky peasant living in the 19th century where the examples of traditional peasant crafts are on display, see the Chapel of the Archangel Michael and the Church of The Raising of Lazarus brought from the Murom Monastery, dated back to the 14th century and considered to be one of the oldest wooden buildings for public worship in the world.

Tour program

Day 1. Petrozavodsk – Kizhi Island

06:50 Arrival at the Petrozavodsk train station
Guide will wait you with a nametable “Karelika”
Breakfast in the city restaurant 
City tour with English speaking guide by car
11:30 Transfer to the port
12:30 By boat to Kizhi island (about 1 hour 15 minutes) 
14:00 Arrival on the island. Motor boat transfer to the guest house Kizhskaya Blagodat (about 10 minutes). Accommodation to the guest house Kizhskaya Blagodat.
15:30 Traditional russian lunch
Free time
Dinner in the hotel

Day 2. Kizhi Island – Petrozavodsk

Breakfast in the guest house
Check out
By boat to Kizhi island (about 10 minutes) 
Excursion in English (about 2 hours) 
Visiting Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus, Chapel of the Archangel Michael
Lunch (at own expense)
Free time
15:45 By boat to Petrozavodsk
17:15 Arrival to Petrozavodsk
Transfer to the railway station 
Finish of programmer. 
Thank you for travelling with Karelika. 

English speaking guide for the 1. Day
Accommodation in the guest house Kizhskaya Blagodat
Trip by Meteor hovercraft from Petrozavodsk to Kizhi and back;
The Masterpieces of the Isle of Kizhi general sightseeing tour lasting 135 minutes. Entrance fee and excursion service at the sight.
Meals according to the program
Bus transportation according to the program