Tour of Ruskeala Mountain Park

Duration 1 day
price 69 eur
The beautiful and modern mountain park of Ruskeala is a monument of nature and the history of mining in Russia and Finland.
Group up to 5 persons

  • Meeting at the gathering point (*hour and place to be ascertained).
  • 07:00 Leaving Petrozavodsk and travelling about 260 km by coach to the destination. On the way to the park, one can enjoy picturesque Karelian landscapes, an expanse of forest lakes and a magnificent view of Lake Ladoga framed in rocks.
  • Stopover at Ruskeala Waterfalls, a legendary shooting location of a Russian cult movie The Dawns Here Are Quiet.
  • Lunch at Tochka Na Karte café (not included in the service)
  • Arrival at destination. The Ruskeala Park is one of the most amazing places in North Ladoga region. Its most popular tourist attraction is Marble Canyon, a mining monument dated back to the end of the 18th and beginning of the 20th century and put on the Russian Federation Heritage List in 1998. There are no other monuments in Europe such as the monument which looks like a hand-made “bowl” found in the marble solid, cut through by mine, gallery and entry systems.
  • Tour of the Park includes 2 km 200 m walking trail and 800 m underground trail (man-made gallery system, column hall, and underground lake).
  • 20:00 Estimated time of arrival in Petrozavodsk.
Providing a comfortable coach for the trip
Entrance fee and excursion service at the sight
Tour of the Ruskeala Mountain Park